Gate Valves

Gate Valves

UNIMAC Gate Valves are provided with properly machined and lapped backseat to ensure re-packing under pressure while fully open. Availability of Solid Wedge, Flexible Wedge, Split Wedge and Parallel Wedge designs offer maximum option to clients for suitable selection.Gaskets and Gland packing material are selected to suit service conditions like temperature, corrosion, erosion, pressure, vacuum and other applications.

UNIMAC Gate Valves ensure smooth operation, tight shutoff, reliability, maximum safety and longer life.

UNIMAC Knife Edge Gate Valves


UNIMAC Knife Edge Gate Valves are designed for isolation, On-off and Throttling services in Paper and Pulp Industries, Power Plants, Steel Plants, Cement Plants, Sugar Industries, Chemical and Textile Processing Industries, Mining, Water and Sewage Plants to handle Slurries, Slag, Plug, and Fibrous Materials, Fly ash, Powders, Clean or Corrosive gases.

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Gate Valves ASA Class 150/300
Gate Valves ASA Class 400/600
Gate Valves ASA Class Buttweld
Knife Gate Valves
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